Why Steam Infusion?

Consumers all over the world want new indulgent, yet healthy food products at the best price but can existing food processing systems deliver?

Traditional steam jacketed vessels and steam injection systems haven't changed much over the last century but the demands of the forward-thinking food manufacturer have. New processing technologies can unlock new product development opportunities and achieve a step change in food processing efficiency.

Steam Infusion is a simple disruptive cooking process that helps food manufacturers overcome many of the challenges they face every day including burn-on contamination, variable product consistency and slow cooking times.

Forward-thinking food manufacturers are using Steam Infusion to cook over 210,000kg (231.5 US t) of high quality soups, sauces and ready meals every day. With Steam Infusion they've unlocked profitable new product categories and highly efficient cooking while reducing energy consumption by up to 20%.

Discover how Steam Infusion can help you

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Cook faster

Increase CapacITy & Preserve flavours

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Swap a steam injector

For Better Performance, RELIABILITY & Control


Develop new products

Cut Fat & Enhance Flavours with high speed Processing

What our customers say...

The Steam Infusion system is very fast and has reduced our cooking energy consumption by 15%. It’s a quality piece of equipment that’s definitely ‘cook proof’.
— Janet Prescott, Manufacturing Manager, Bakkavor (UK)
Steam Infusion has reduced the production time of our soups and sauce by more than 50% as well as reducing energy whilst still maintaining our exceptional product quality.
— Jan Kusters, Operations Director, Larco Foods (NL)

Steam Infusion Adopters Include



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