Culinary grade steam for food processing

Culinary grade steam is essential for any application in which steam comes in direct contact with food products. For both direct steam injection and steam infusion culinary grade steam is required.

Culinary grade steam 3-A Standard

The method for producing culinary grade steam is governed by 3-A Standard Number 609-03.

Steam of culinary quality means steam that is free of entrained contaminants, is relatively free of water in liquid form and is suitable for use in direct contact with food products.
— 3-A Standard 609-03 Definition of "Steam of Culinary Quality"
 Close Macro Drip Blue Drop Of Water Liquid Water

In summary, this requires:

  • Use of a steam separator to remove excess water content

  • Installation of a hygienic steam filter that removes 95% of particulates of 2 micron or greater (this is generally achieved using a 5 micron filter element, as specified by Spirax Sarco and Donaldson)

  • Steam distribution system downstream of the hygienic filter to be in stainless steel

  • Use of FDA approved boiler chemicals, which relates the use of non-volatiles within the formulation so that any impurity remains in the boiler with removal by way of regular blowdown as standard boiler operating practice

Culinary grade steam filtration set

A "culinary grade steam filtration set" is a skid based steam conditioning system designed to the American 3-A Standard 609-03 for the generation of culinary grade steam. The piping and instrumentation diagram/drawing (P&ID) below shows a typical configuration of a steam conditioning system to feed one Steam Infusion Vaction™ Unit.

Culinary rated steam filter

Culinary rated Steam Filters are filters that remove 95% of particulates 2 microns or larger. (This is generally achieved using a 5 micron filter element, as specified by Spirax Sarco and Donaldson).

Culinary Grade Steam Filter