Brewing Wort Heater

Brewers can use the Steam Infusion Vaction Pump for fast, energy efficient and clean wort heating. The unique processing environment delivers proven energy saving, is inherently maintainable as there are no moving parts and offer brewers compelling alternatives to traditional brewhouse processing equipment.

The OAL Wort Heater uses steam to heat the wort directly rather than via a heat exchanger. This innovative technology offers exceptional energy savings in the brew-house and provides a unique solution to increased production demands and rising costs, whilst enhancing product quality. The OAL is easy to install into a new brewery or can be retrofitted into an existing plant using current plant systems.

Brewers use Steam Infusion for wort heating because...


Faster Cooking & Cleaning

The patented Steam Infusion Vaction™ technology used in the OAL Wort Heater is a highly effective heating and mixing device. The technology can heat 1,000kg of water from 25C to 85 in less than 7 minutes, reducing boiling times for faster processing intervals.

OAL Steam Infusion Consistency

Clean CIP

The Steam Infusion process prevents burn-on and fouling, reducing the frequency and intensity of CIP so less energy,
water and detergents are used.

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Energy Efficiency

The Steam Infusion Vacton Wort Heater is a highly efficient energy solution for the brewingindustry; it delivers substantial energy savings of up to 20% at point of useand provides impressive results during the intensive wort boiling process.

Easy Installation

The OAL Wort Heater system is specifically designed and fitted to maximise brew-house production requirements. Whether as a direct replacement for a traditional external wort boiler or an alternative for an internal wort boiler the OAL Wort Heater can be incorporated as part of a new brewery design or retrofitted with minimal disruption to production. The system is fully controllable with a PLC system and can be integrated into current plant operating systems.

Uses patented technology

The OAL Wort Heater system uses patented technology allowing wort to be heated efficiently and uniformly. The system consists of an array of Vaction Pumps design to heat the wort. Steam flows within the Vaction Pump from an external supply into an annular conditioning chamber from where it is injected directly into the process flow. This unique design results in a disruptive steam flow which breaks up the process flow and allows fast, effective heat transfer.