Steam Infusion fat reduction & new product development opportunities

Traditional steam jacketed vessels and direct steam injection systems haven't changed much over the last century but the demands of the forward-thinking food manufacture have. Our £978,236 Innovate UK funded research project identified a number of new product development opportunities for food manufacturers cooking with Steam Infusion.

Up to 20% fat reduction

Cooking high dairy fat content sauces such as bechamelcheese and hollandaise sauce with Steam Infusion can lead to a 20% reduction in fat whilst maintaining an indulgent and luxurious mouth-feel.

The unique steam infusion processing environment manipulates starch to form a fat mimetic which enhances the creamy mouth-feel, enabling a reduction in overall fat content.

The fat reduction can make a significant difference to a product's traffic-lights appealing to health-conscious consumers.

Fresh homemade flavours

Curry Selection.jpg

Steam Infusion's shortened cooking times and prevention of burn-on contamination can have a significant impact on the flavour profiles of a product.

During the testing of a wide range of sauces, GCMS and taste panels clearly identified the retention of volatiles that are usually boiled off or destroyed in conventional sauce production.

It is easier therefore for food manufacturers to accurately scale-up the recipes created at the development stage that have the "homemade" flavours consumers look for in high-quality products.

The retention also creates the opportunity for food manufacturers to reduce ingredient quantities in certain recipes.