Steam Infusion in Spain with Raimaber Fluid Tech

Raimaber Fluid Tech has been offering our award-winning Steam Infusion technology across Southern Europe for more than two years. In this video with Technical Manager, Jaume Edo, we find out why Raimaber decided to work with OAL and why the technology is right for its customers.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the food industry, the Raimaber Fluid Tech team are experts in their field. Specialising in pumps and flow technology, the company is well respected and only works with trusted brands to deliver the right results and return on investment to meet its customers’ needs.

Two years ago they decided to start working with OAL, supplying Steam Infusion Vaction units to their customers in Spain as part of the larger capital projects they carry out. They were attracted by the high efficiency of the Steam Infusion technology, which allows manufacturers to increase their capacity, reduce downtime and cut energy usage, particularly when compared with other heat exchange methods. It delivers all of this while still maintaining the ideal flavours, textures and colours in dairy sauces and ready meals that food manufacturers must achieve to attract consumers and keep retailers happy.

Jaume and his customers are now regulars at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing where we have our Steam Infusion test centre. There, they can test recipes and try out new configurations with our Development Chef to ensure they get the best possible results when incorporating Steam Infusion into their operations.

We already work with a number of system integrators across the globe and are always on the look-out for new ones. If you would like to introduce Steam Infusion to your market, get in touch today.

Turbocharge your cooking vessel with Steam Infusion!

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