Steam Infusion lands Down Under with PPN


As seen in, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with new system integrator, Process Plant Network (PPN), who will offer our patented Steam Infusion Vaction technology in Australia. Steam Infusion achieves faster, more efficient cooking and is scientifically proven to deliver health improvements to a range of products, including soups, sauces and ready meals. With PPN now offering this technology, Australian food manufacturers can increase their cooking capacity, eliminate burn-on and Maillard reactions, reduce fat in dairy products by up to 20 percent and create a creamier mouthfeel while at the same time achieving reduced cleaning and cooking times and lowering energy consumption.


PPN is one of Australia's major providers of food machinery and services and they’ve been selling new and used processing, packaging and material handling equipment for over 30 years from their base in Dandenong South, Australia. PPN also specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke 'Food Systems' for individual users’ needs. With a dedicated in-house team of engineers, electricians and programmers, PPN has successfully delivered hundreds of systems to help their customers meet the growing demands of the food production industry throughout Australia.

Steam Infusion uses a unique processing device called a Vaction Unit to deliver steam to simultaneously heat, mix and pump ingredients in a cooking vessel or directly in-line. A Steam Infusion cooking lance can be easily retrofitted into new or existing cooking vessels, or fitted directly into the line, and typically achieves twice the cooking capacity. The technology has been around for over 15 years, and its potential in food production was catalysed by OAL with a £1 million UK government funded Innovate UK project, together with the University of Lincoln and a leading UK food manufacturer.

We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with PPN. We had long wanted to enter the Australian market but hadn’t been able to find the right fit to offer customers the best possible on-the-ground support. With PPN now on board, Australian food manufacturers can benefit from their expertise and our award-winning Steam Infusion technology.
— Jake Norman, Head of Innovation, OAL
It’s great that we’re able to bring Steam Infusion technology to food manufacturers in Australia. We really believe that the technology delivers something different to the market and we’re delighted to be the sole distributor in Australia. We look forward to sharing the benefits with our existing customers and branching out to other areas of the food industry.
— Giles Dommisse, Director, PPN

Get in touch with PPN today and take advantage of Steam Infusion in your facility.

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