Filmatic to supply Steam Infusion in Africa

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We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Filmatic, the leading international supplier of liquid and food packaging equipment based in South Africa. Filmatic now provides exclusive distribution of our Steam Infusion Vaction unit technology to producers of popular dairy- and maize-based drinks across the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa. By offering our award-winning technology, Filmatic will help manufacturers across the continent reduce your cleaning and cooking times and energy consumption, increase your cooking capacity and eliminate burn-on and Maillard reactions in a wide variety of food and drink products.

The Steam Infusion Vaction™ unit uses steam as the motive force to simultaneously heat, mix and pump liquids with and without particulates. The unit can sit within a cooking vessel or integrated in-line, depending on your needs. Using culinary grade or clean steam, Steam Infusion heats 1000kg of product from 15°C to 90°C in 5 minutes with no burn or particulate damage. Easily retrofitted into new or existing cooking vessels, or fitted directly into the line, with Steam Infusion you can typically achieve twice the cooking capacity vs traditional methods.

Filmatic has been supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets for forty years. They continuously improve their technological offering and incorporate new technology and manufacturing equipment into their portfolio to offer high quality, yet cost-effective solutions to their vast client base. By combining proprietary equipment and even more options sourced from selected agencies, Filmatic deliver the complete solution for food and beverage manufacturers.

OAL catalysed the development of Steam Infusion in the food and beverage industry with a £1 million UK government funded Innovate UK project, together with the University of Lincoln and a leading UK food manufacturer. Systems are already in place across the globe, with manufacturers able to achieve unique products using the innovative Steam Infusion technology.

Having supplied Steam Infusion to this region in the past, we know that the results it can achieve are perfect for a wide variety of food and beverage products in this market. However, it was always difficult for us to provide the right on-the-ground support as we’re based in the UK. With Filmatic, food and beverage manufacturers across the continent can now purchase our award-winning technology through an experienced team and benefit from their local expertise and proximity, confident that they’re getting the best value system.
— Jake Norman, Head of Innovation, OAL
Many of our customers can benefit greatly from implementing Steam Infusion as it delivers all the characteristics needed to produce the popular dairy drinks in our region. I’m delighted that we’re working with OAL to bring this technology to the region and help manufacturers stand out from the crowd.
— Pieter du Toit, Sales Key Account Manager, Filmatic

Filmatic will be showcasing the Steam Infusion technology at Propak Africa in Hall 6, Stand G22, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Get in touch with Filmatic today or stop by their stand.

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