Béchamel sauce Steam Infusion success in Spain

A leading Spanish ready meal manufacturer has switched to Steam Infusion cooking for its béchamel and dairy-based sauces. The market leader chose the Steam Infusion Vaction Pump for shorter cooking times, easy cleaning and improved product quality. Other outcomes included:

  • Zero burn-on and vessel fouling means up to 10 batches can be run one after another without full CIP

  • Rationalisation of béchamel sauce recipes to two superior sauces

  • Local integration in Spain by Raimaber Fluid Tech


The leading Spanish food manufacturer needed to increase their béchamel sauce cooking capacity and were looking at new technologies to help them.

The site had a good understanding of direct steam injection and steam jacketed technologies having previously tested various technologies from large European suppliers.

During their research, they were attracted to Steam Infusion's ability to heat, mix and pump sauces without any burn-on, seen in our video.

Following successful trials in OAL's UK test centre at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, part of the University of Lincoln,  the customer chose the OAL Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump cooking technology to be integrated into a complete cooking system by OAL's Spanish partners, Raimaber Fluid Tech.


Working closely with Raimaber, in-tank lance based Steam Infusion Vaction™ units were designed and installed into new cooking kettles for the food manufacturer, meeting all of their objectives.

Key results

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