Why do tomato based products go orange with direct steam injection? How does Steam Infusion overcome this?

One of the key challenges when processing tomato based products with direct steam injection is that the product can turn orange, an undesirable characteristic for consumers. Unlike direct steam injection, when processing with Steam Infusion can retain the natural red colour of tomato based products.

Steam injection turns tomato based products orange because of over processing and excessive aeration of the tomato ingredients during the cooking process.

Under our £978,236 Nutrition for Life Innovate UK research project, we gained a full scientific understanding of the unique Steam Infusion processing environment. One of the key findings was how processing with Steam Infusion retains natural colours and flavours. For tomato-based products, this means we can retain the natural red colour of tomatoes by controlling the process conditions and the point of addition of ingredients.

Of course, if you'd like an orange tomato product we can also over process with Steam Infusion, but only if required for the recipe.