Jumex Cook Juice Premix with Steam Infusion

Grupo Jumex, based in Mexico City, is the largest producer of fruit juices, nectars and bottled drinks in Mexico. Catering for the Central and South American markets, they boast 10 brands in different flavours that target a large variety of demographics across the Americas.

How to quickly increase production capacity?

Grupo Jumex was launching a new brand “Mi Desayuno” and were anticipating significant sales of the new drink. They needed to increase production and efficiency of their premix for the beverage to meet demand and to fully capitalise on the anticipated increase in sales. The prior system, a time consuming three-stage process to produce the beverage premix, needed to be replaced with a much faster more efficient process.
The OAL team installed a Steam Infusion system with the capability to entrain powders. Major savings in processing time for the beverage came from the systems ability to entrain powders in line removing the need to pre-slurry starches, soya protein powder and vitamin mixes. The previous three-stage process was reduced to one stage, as Steam Infusion mixes, homogenises, activates and heats ingredients in a very effective manner.

Steam Infusion has reduced the processing time of our pre-mix from 60 mins to 3 mins; astonishing! We have immediately ordered more Steam Infusion Vaction units for expansion work
— Roberto Fernandez, Production Director, Grupo Jumex 

The innovative engineering in the Steam Infusion Vaction unit solution meant the pre-mix production time has been reduced by 95% to 3 minutes.

Please click to download a pdf version - Steam Infusion at Grupo Jumex