Does Steam Infusion heating damage particulates?

Particulate damage can be a challenge for food manufacturers cooking chunky soups and ready meals. Slow cooking times and agitator damage can breakdown particulates easily. 

The OAL Steam Infusion Vaction™ Unit has an unrestricted 47mm bore which allows particulates to pass straight through unhindered. The steam vacuum acts as a pump to the liquid part of the product but allows the larger particles to pass through undamaged.

The degree of shear from the unit can be altered to account for more delicate particulates such as peppers and/or sliced mushrooms and the time of addition adjusted to create the perfect finished product.

The mixing properties of Steam Infusion creates extra agitation and can be controlled to result in far less damage to particulates than a conventional agitator.

If particulates are required to be broken down, for example fruit pulps or purees, Steam Infusion operating paramenters can be set to accomplish the required textures and results.