Can Steam Infusion heating affect the product colour?

Fast heating with Steam Infusion can change the colour of food products. As Steam Infusion heats faster than conventional cooking methods, it preserves the natural colour of fruits and vegetables, generally seen as a benefit to food processors. 

Best Applications for Colour

Under our £1million research project, we identified the ingredients and products where the biggest impact can be made. In soups and ready meals, the green colour of vegetables such as broccoli was better retained, leading to a brighter soup.

On white sauces, the Steam Infusion’s position and cooking method prevents burn-on helping keep white sauces white and glossy. This is enhanced by the rapid heating which cooks the product without a Maillard reaction starting.

Other ingredients’ colour can be affected by the effects of using Steam Infusion; tomato paste, for example, can turn orange if it is not added at the optimum time.

All the effects can be understood at one of OAL’s Cookery Classes where you can learn about the benefits of using Steam Infusion.