Bakkavor Master Porridge Manufacturing With Steam Infusion

Bakkavor uses OAL’s Steam Infusion technology to manufacture porridge following the successful installation of the advanced heating and mixing process.

Research, under a £1million Innovate UK project, identified grain hydration as a hot spot for Steam Infusion due to the fast heating and unique homogenising effect generated within the unit. Janet Prescott, Manufacturing Manager at Bakkavor Meals, Spalding explains the benefits of Steam Infusion for manufacturing porridge:

“We are very happy with the retrofit of OAL’s Steam Infusion technology to manufacture porridge. We have been able to quickly master how to maximise the benefits of the Steam Infusion system and we’re confident that the technology offers the flexibility to cook a wide variety of products to delight our customers.”

“The system is very fast and has reduced our cooking energy consumption by 15%. It’s a quality piece of equipment that’s definitely 'cook proof'. Since the installation, our engineering team haven’t had to touch the system.”

Stop Burnt Porridge

The partial vacuum and short residence time within the Vaction™ unit prevents the exposure of ingredients to excess temperatures, in turn, preventing contact with the kettle's surface which can burn and affect the finished product's flavour and visual quality. Traditionally, easy to burn dairy based products taste fresher and are visually clearer.

Grain hydration and porridge manufacturing is just one area that the technology has been scientifically proven to offer advantages to traditional processing. Other areas of interest include soups, sauces and ready meals. Trials can be conducted at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach, UK. At the site OAL are also conducting research into cryogenic cooling and robotic chefs.