Can I heat product with particulates such as 20mm (0.7 in) diced potato?

With Steam Infusion, you can heat products with particulates up to 20mm (0.79 in), such as diced potato, carrot or button mushrooms. The OAL Steam Infusion Vaction™ Unit has an unrestricted 47mm (1.85 in) bore which allows particulates to pass straight through unhindered. The steam vacuum acts as a pump and a homogeniser to the liquid part of the product but allows the larger particles to pass through undamaged.

The degree of shear from the unit can be altered to account for more delicate particulates such as peppers and/or sliced mushrooms. Development Chefs can also optimise the ultimate time of addition to create the perfect finished product.

The mixing properties of Steam Infusion create extra agitation which negates the use of an agitator. This prevents any additional breakdown of the particulates and causes far less damage than a conventional cooking would cause.

The reduced cooking time of the Steam Infusion system means the particulates are in the vessel half the time of a conventionally jacketed vessel. This protects the delicate vitamins and nutrition of the particulate which are normally destroyed in longer cooking processes. Colour is better preserved keeping your product fresh and vibrant.

With line hold-ups or long depositing times, the particulates are left more robust and less likely to disintegrate at the end of the batch.