How do you calculate the amount of steam added during heating?

With Steam Infusion being a direct heating process, monitoring the mass flowrate of steam to the Vaction™ Unit provides us with a value for the mass of steam added. The steam flowmeters we have used historically are vortex flowmeters (monitoring the vortices generated passed a bluff body in-line with flow velocity proportional to the frequency of the vortices). The technical documentation states a measured error of ±1.7%. 

Typically, our Steam Infusion systems are mounted on load cells to allow for the monitoring of ingredient additions. With the load cells implemented on the system, we can validate the value produced by a steam flowmeter by cross checking the weight addition.

As a basic rule of thumb, you will be adding up to 10% steam/water to your recipe when heating from ambient to 90°C (194°F). This will alter with the addition of frozen ingredients, varying viscosities and particulate inclusions.

When you are looking at using OAL Steam Infusion, you need to have an addition of at least 10% water/steam. Steam Infusion cannot be used to reduce the moisture in the recipe process for jam, fruit or stock concentrate recipes.

We can help you adapt your recipes for Steam Infusion to help optimise the ingredient additions and help source the steam/water addition if your recipe is currently without.