Steam Infusion UK test centre

Run Steam Infusion trials at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturers can test Steam Infusion at our UK test centre located at the University of Lincoln’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing.

Sitting within academic surroundings, the offsite location is perfect for blue sky thinking and breaking away from the day to day operations.

Our development chef is on hand to facilitate and advise on recipe and process changes; it’s amazing what can be accomplished in a single day.

Adopting new technologies presents various business challenges and at OAL, we have developed a number of routes for our customers to test and trial Steam Infusion heating and mixing. Click below to find out more.


Full Specification of Equipment Available for Testing


  • Full temperature controlled white walled and panelled area with Ucrete flooring and stainless steel floor grating

  • Separate hygiene changing and clean down area • Hygiene PPE provided – White coats, wellingtons, hair net, ear plugs

  • Hand wash stations throughout

  • Key tag entry system through production area

  • Separate office facilities for de-briefing incorporating full WiFi networking and use of digital display & recording equipment

  • Conferencing room for up to 50 delegates

Services (on site):

  • Pressurised towns water at ambient throughout production area connected via hose points

  • Water flowrate measurement

  • Steam supply boiler rated at 1500Kgs/hr at 8Bar (External with steam pressure reduction set)

  • Steam supply flowrate measurement

  • Ambient pallet racking store for 8 pallets • Chilled pallet racking store for 8 pallets (Can act as a freezer area)

  • 2T FLT forklift truck loading/unloading

  • Various lab and household sized kitchen equipment for recipe make up / ingredient storage


Cooking skid:

Skid based cooking system using both InTank & Inline Steam Infusion equipment for the preparation of sauces, soups, ready meals, pastes, edible oils - either smooth or incorporating particulates.

  • Single steam jacketed 500Kg capacity hemispherical kettle fitted with variable speed surface wiping scraper blades

  • 250 to 500Ltr Steam infusion Intank heating using filtered steam at 6Bar • 150 to 500Ltr Steam jacket heating using steam at 3Bar

  • 150 to 500Ltr Steam infusion Inline heating entrainment using filtered steam at 6Bar • Jacket heating from ambient to 100°C

  • Steam infusion Intank heating from ambient to 95°C

  • Steam infusion Inline heating up to 95°C exit temperature (Minimum 30°C Δt against vessel)

Cooling skid:

  • In house chilling via walk in freezer packed direct off the line into IBC containers or hand buckets

  • Cryogenic cooling using Nitrogen at 370Ltr batch size from 95°C to 5°C within 20 minutes (Product specific)

Throughputs (single 10 hour day):

  • Heating of up to 6 different product recipes

  • Heating of up to 10 same product recipes

  • Typical recipe make up based upon a 30 minute cook time

  • Due to pipework and valve constraints we can only process cubed particulates up to 20mm.