Replace direct steam injection in food processing

If you're already using direct steam injection, switching to Steam Infusion is easy

We can hook up to your existing steam filtration equipment for culinary grade steam and as you're already adding steam to your products there will be minimal recipe changes as we optimise your recipes at your pace.

Steam Infusion outperforms direct steam injection systems in a number of ways...

Cooking speed with energy efficiency

One of the main reasons food manufacturers add direct steam injection to their cooking vessels is to speed up heating times. The way steam injectors operate creates a compromise between heat up times and efficiency because as you increase the flow rate of steam, more is lost into the atmosphere as it bubbles straight through the product.

Steam Infusion overcomes this compromise and allows efficient heating at a higher steam flow rate. The disruptive way the steam is introduced means that all the steam is condensed into the product prior to leaving the Vaction™ Unit, causing a rapid heat transfer.

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NPD opportunities

Direct steam injection is a relatively simple process whereby you’re bubbling steam through a sauce. Naturally it’s going to heat up your product quicker but there’s not much else going on.

With Steam Infusion allowing more control over the steam flow rate, we change the operating characteristics of the Vaction™ Unit from a gentle introduction of steam to a disruptive high shearing process environment. This control enables us to improve the performance of your ingredients; for instance, we can cut fat and create a creamier mouth feel as under certain operating conditions we can create a fat mimetic.

Product burnt on to traditional steam jacketed vessel

Product burnt on to traditional steam jacketed vessel

No burn-on for easy kettle cleaning

Steam Infusion stops exposure to excessive temperatures and as the cooking vessel experiences no burn on, it's possible to perform more back to back cooks without the possibility of burnt contaminates appearing as flecks within the end product. Similarly, when a clean is performed, the automated CIP or manual clean process is much quicker as burnt on product no longer needs to be removed.

Maintenance & easy installation

Minimising plant downtime is very important for food manufacturers operating at close to full capacity. Steam injectors are normally installed in the vessel jacket leading to complex installation on retrofits, whereas the Steam Infusion lance is simpler as it can be mounted onto the vessel lid in vessels with inclined agitation.

The Steam Infusion Vaction™ Unit has no moving parts leading to near maintenance free operation.

Steam Infusion Vaction Unit

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