Cottage pie meat sauce


Meat sauce filling is widely used across the food industry for a variety of dishes including cottage pie. Food manufacturers using a traditional steam jacketed kettle often struggle with slow cooks that lack control and scaling recipes up from the development kitchen. Steam Infusion better replicates a chef's saucepan, recreating homemade flavours whilst ensuring manufacturing excellence. 

Food manufacturers use Steam Infusion to cook cottage pie meat sauce because...

OAL Steam Infusion Retrofit Lance.jpg

No burn-on contamination

Steam Infusion prevents burn-on contamination by introducing steam in a partial vacuum of -0.7barg (-10.1psig), cooking from the centre of the kettle out. Food manufacturers can preserve both the natural colour and taste of sauces.


Faster cooking & cleaning

The patented Vaction™ technology used in Steam Infusion is a highly effective heating and mixing device. The technology can heat 500kg (1102 lb) of water from 25°C (77°F) to 85°C (185°F) in less than 7 minutes. The sauce ingredients have a lower specific heat capacity than water and accordingly will be heated faster dependent on thickness/viscosity.

OAL Steam Infusion Consistency

Improved consistency

Steam Infusion offers a more repeatable consistent cooking process with higher levels of control than traditional steam injectors and kettles.