Chunky soups

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Chunky soups are a winter favourite that appeals to both indulgent palates and health conscious consumers. Using a traditional steam jacketed kettle, food manufacturers struggle with breakdown of particulates due to slow cook times, burn on, flavour contamination and fouling of the product.

Food manufacturers use Steam Infusion to cook chunky soups because...

Vaction Unit Award Winning

Limited particulate breakdown

Food manufacturers can preserve particulates by cooking with Steam Infusion. The 47mm (1.85 in) uninhibited bore lets particulates pass through with minimal damage. Coupled with faster cooking times, vegetables and meat chunks can come be kept intact.


Faster cooking & cleaning

The patented Vaction™ technology used in Steam Infusion is a highly effective heating and mixing device. The technology can heat 500kg (1102 lb) of water from 25°C (77°F) to 85°C (185°F) in less than 7 minutes. The sauce ingredients have a lower specific heat capacity than water and accordingly will be heated faster dependent on thickness/viscosity.

OAL Steam Infusion Consistency

Improved consistency

Steam Infusion offers a more repeatable consistent cooking process with higher levels of control than traditional steam injectors and kettles. Cooking spices with Steam Infusion means flavour volatiles usually lost in conventional cooking are retained, thus spices and other aromatics can be reduced by upto 50% whilst giving a better flavour hit.

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No burn-on contamination

Steam Infusion prevents burn-on contamination by introducing steam in a partial vacuum of -0.7barg (-10.1psig), cooking from the centre of the kettle out. Food manufacturers can preserve both the natural colour and taste of sauces.