Will Steam Infusion change the flavour of my soup or sauce?

One of the key deliverables from our £1million Innovate UK research project was to understand the impact of Steam Infusion cooking on flavour, a key interest for customers who are looking to match existing soups and sauces or undertake new product development 

By varying the steam pressure, the Vaction™ unit can emulate steam injectors for product matching and create unique conditions for new product development. Here I'll focus on our findings around new product development.

Capture volatiles

The Steam Infusion processing conditions allow you to capture more of the volatiles from the ingredients, locking them into the sauce.  If you're making sauces with strong flavours, for instance, ethnic/curry sauces, this is or particular benefit. 

The ability to capture more volatiles is due to the partial vacuum created within the Vaction™. In the same way, frying releases flavour the main difference is within a Steam Infusion nozzle the volatiles are captured in the sauce whereas frying release the volatiles into the atmosphere as a smell.

Fast cooking preserves flavours

The shortened cooking times with Steam Infusion preserves natural flavours. In vegetables, especially green veg based broccoli and Stilton soup, this prevents excess cabbage or musty notes. This rapid cooking also stops the onset of a Mallard reaction dulling fresh dairy notes in the sauce.