How much does Steam Infusion cost?

One of the first questions food manufacturers ask is: How much does Steam Infusion cost? The final cost of integrating into new or existing cooking vessels is influenced by a number of factors; here we'll do our best to explain the general costs of adopting Steam Infusion cooking.

As a single Steam Infusion Vaction™  unit requires dry saturated culinary grade steam at a rate of 750 kg (1654 lb) per hour at a pressure of 6.5barg (94 psig) at the point of use, your steam equipment is important.

Steam filtration set & pressure modulation

As we're adding steam into the final product Steam Infusion systems must comply with the 3A Standard 609-03 for the Method of Producing Filtered Culinary Steam. This not only refers to the design of the system but includes the requirements for the boiler treatment chemicals which in general are already widely used by the UK food industry.

If you don't already produce culinary grade steam on site, you will require a steam filtration set. A typical steam filtration set comprises a steam separator, hygienic filter, pressure regulation system and insulation. 

The costs of a steam filtration set will range from €15,000 to €25,000.

The set can be sized according to use, so if you needed to run three Steam Infusion Vaction™  units at the same time you'd be consuming 2,250 kg (4960 lb) per hour and will need a more expensive, higher capacity steam filtration set.

Vessel design, modification & pipework

When you retrofit technologies to existing cooking vessels, adjustments will be required to the existing vessel. Depending on the age, type of vessel and changes required the cost of integration will vary.

Our experienced engineering team will guide you through all the requirements and for retrofits, your system integrator will visit your site and takes drawings (potentially even 3D scanning) in order to retrofit the Steam Infusion system. Works include creating an orifice for the steam lance in the top of the vessel and installation of the mounting flange and interconnecting pipework.

Costs will typically vary from €5,000 for simple jobs to €15,000 for more complex projects.

HMI control panel and software

Food manufacturers may wish to integrate the control of Steam Infusion into their existing control systems and software. The Steam Infusion documentation details all requirements for the system to be integrated into existing systems. 

Software costs will be dependant on your system integrator but will typically vary from €2,000 to €15,000.

Boiler capacity

Steam Infusion can quickly become cost prohibitive if your existing steam boiler doesn't have the steam capacity. To increase steam capacity you will require a new steam boiler which is a significant investment for a food manufacturer typically starting at €100,000.