Meat cooks with Steam Infusion compared to steam jacketed kettle cooks

Chris Brooks, Development Chef at OAL, explains how cooking meat based products with Steam Infusion differs to a steam jacketed kettle.

Big flavour hit from fat

When heating meat based products conventionally, fat can form at the top of the vessel. With Steam Infusion’s mixing properties, fat can be homogeneously combined within the sauce creating a big flavour hit for consumers.

As the meat is not exposed to the high temperatures of the conventional jacketed vessels, fat can be released within the sauce and captured as a thickening agent when passing through the Vaction™ Unit to create a creamier, smoother mouthfeel sauce.

Cooking meat chunks

The OAL Steam Infusion Vaction™ Unit has a 47mm bore which allows meat chunks to pass straight through unhindered. The steam vacuum acts as a pump to the liquid part of the product and allows the larger particles to pass through undamaged.

The degree of shear from the unit can be altered to account for more delicate particulates such as peppers and/or sliced mushrooms and the time of addition adjusted to create the perfect finished product.

The mixing properties of Steam Infusion create extra agitation. This prevents any additional breakdown of the particulates and causes far less damage than a conventional agitator would cause.

If damage is required to particulates in for example fruit pulps or purees, Steam Infusion set on high shear can help to accomplish the required textures and results.

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