24 tonne/hr high speed tomato ketchup production with Steam Infusion

A leading UK based ambient sauce manufacturer is using Steam Infusion to cook up to 24 tonnes (26.5 US tonnes) per hour of tomato ketchup and other sauces, with best in class energy efficiency and improved product quality.


The leading UK food manufacturer required a new cooking plant after winning new own label ambient sauce contracts, including ketchup and brown sauce.

The onsite team was looking at new cooking technologies and evaluated various steam jacketed pans and direct steam injection. However, once they’d seen the results, the customer chose the OAL Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump cooking technology. Trials proved that the process offered high-speed, clean cooking with heat up times up to four times as fast as steam jacketed kettles.

3 tonne Steam Infusion cooking vessels

3 tonne Steam Infusion cooking vessels


Two lance based Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pumps were installed in four 3 tonne (3.3 US tonnes) cooking vessels enabling the production of up to 24,000kg (26.5t) of sauce per hour. 

The cooking vessels are standard insulated vessels, without the need for a steam jacket because all heating is undertaken with the Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pumps.

The use of insulated jackets has both reduced operating costs (reduction in steam maintenance) and removes the need for annual insurance inspections of the vessels.

Dual Vaction™ Pumps mounted in a 3 tonne cooking vessel.

Dual Vaction™ Pumps mounted in a 3 tonne cooking vessel.

Key results

  • High-speed cooking plant with a small system footprint.

  • 19% more energy efficient than steam jacketed vessels, proven in trials.

  • No burn-on contamination for faster cleaning and changeovers.

If you’ve got a similar application and think Steam Infusion might be right for your process, get in touch with our experts today and we can help you to turbocharge your cooking vessels too!