Best Practice Chilled Soup Manufacturing at Leading UK Food Manufacturer

A leading UK based soup manufacturer has increased production capacity by 25% and improved product quality following the installation of Steam Infusion to its cooking kettles. 


The UK own label soup market is highly competitive with retailers seeking both cost leadership and product differentiation. To meet customers’ demands, the UK site needed to increase production capacity quality and create differentiated products to win new business.


Dual Steam Infusion Vaction Pump's within the Cooking Vessel

To increase capacity and to consistently produce high-quality products, the food manufacturer invested in OAL’s Steam Infusion cooking technology for their new soup production line. Multiple Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pumps were installed on lances across a number of kettles,  increasing the capacity of the production line whilst reducing energy consumption and waste.

An exclusive set of high-quality soups have been developed for a leading UK retailer by utilising the fast cooking and unique processing environment Steam Infusion offers. Research from the University of Lincoln under a £1 million Innovate UK project into the technology has identified a number of areas where the technology provides flavour and quality enhancements. For soups, the cooking process can help retain natural flavours and colours while ensuring the integrity of particulates.

Key Results

  • Enhanced product consistency and production capacity of a highly popular UK soup range.

  • 25% increase in capacity of line production within the same system footprint.

  • Won new business based on increased capacity and technological leadership.