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Retaining Natural, Fresh & Vibrant Colours - July Steam Infusion Cooking Class

  • National Centre for Food Manufacturing Park Road Spalding, England, PE12 7PT United Kingdom (map)

After a sell-out class in June, we're organising a cooking class in July focusing on how Steam Infusion can help you retain natural, fresh and vibrant colours in your end products.  

What: Steam Infusion Cooking Class - Retaining natural, fresh & vibrant colours.
Where: National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln, Holbeach.
When: 10:00am, Thursday 26th July 2018

Learn how Steam Infusion cooking has helped manufacturers eliminate burn on, enhance flavours and colours, create consistency and increase productivity at our Steam Infusion Cooking Class.

Robotic Cooking Class with Steam Infusion.jpg

Explore the Science
Learn the science behind the Steam Infusion cooking process and how this unique cooking method transforms your products from the University of Lincoln’s food scientists.

Cook with Steam Infusion
Join Chris Brooks, OAL’s Development Chef as we cook up a treat in the Steam Infusion kitchen to see and taste the Steam Infusion effect!

See the Future of Food Manufacturing
Discover how we're using robots to cook products more efficiently and Cryogenic Cooling to quickly and efficiently cool your product to optimise quality and shelf-life. 

What is a Steam Infusion Cooking Class?

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