Can I homogenise with Steam Infusion?

Steam Infusion is not a homogeniser but has a "homogenising effect." The process can break down fat globules in an aqueous solution but not to the same size or level of uniformity as an actual high-pressure homogeniser can.

Within the steam Infusion mixing chamber, shear is applied to the product due to the entry of the steam at high velocity and the dissipation of this kinetic energy. This has the effect of breaking down fat globules, for example, creating an effect similar to homogenisation.

On the other hand, a homogeniser can be a single or multi-stage machine operating at pressures of 1,500barg (21,755 psig) to 2,000barg (29,007 psig) producing a much finer particle size.

When using particular ingredients, the homogenising effect of Steam Infusion can help produce fat mimetics. Although the process works best with starch (modified and natural included), fat mimetics can also be produced when using grains such as oats, barley, einkorn and spelt or added flour.

This enables you to reduce ingredients such as fat in dairy based products without compromising on the creamy texture loved by consumers.

Our dedicated Development Chef can help optimise your recipes and train your staff to ensure you benefit from all the advantages cooking with Steam Infusion can offer.