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We help food manufacturers increase cooking capacity and develop exciting new food products with our patented Steam Infusion cooking process.

Working with our global network of local system integrators, you can add a Steam Infusion cooking lance to a new or existing cooking vessel to cook faster and fresher.

Our dedicated team comprises process engineers and development chefs who work alongside your teams to help adopt the technology quickly and smoothly.

How was the Steam Infusion Vaction Pump developed?

It may well surprise you but the Vaction™ Pump was originally designed as an underwater jet engine for boats!

Originally developed back in 2003 by Pursuit Dynamics, over twenty PHD scientists worked on the device exploring applications in energy, pharmaceutical and defence for the unique heating and mixing process, investing upwards of £62 million in the process.

But the listed company suffered from a highly volatile stock price and in 2013 OAL acquired the PDX Sonic technology and have since successfully commercialised the Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump for food processing.

Commercial & scientific success

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Following the acquisition of the technology in 2013, we undertook a £978,236 Innovate UK government funded project with the University of Lincoln and a leading UK food manufacturer to gain a full scientific understanding of the operating parameters of the Steam Infusion Vaction pump and its commercial impact.


The combination of a growing commercial install base and scientific research have allowed us to identify the cooking applications where Steam Infusion offers the most value for food manufacturers, both in terms of product quality and operational efficiency.

About OAL

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OAL (Olympus Automation Ltd.) is a family business based in Peterborough UK with a 25-year history of supplying turnkey material handling and processing projects to blue chip UK food manufacturers. Food manufacturers trust OAL to deliver liquid and dry material processing projects up to a value of £5 million where proven experience, design excellence, automation, quality and outstanding support are valued. 

Customers have guided us with distinct requirements for each sector allowing each team to work as a focused, fast-moving group dedicated to their specific market. The OAL tradition of trust, fairness and investment in our people bonds our teams. We strive to keep our customers ahead of the curve and future-proofed by leading multiple R&D projects currently valued at £4.5 million aimed at developing tomorrow’s tried and trusted.