Nissui cut béchamel sauce production time with Steam Infusion by 83%

With a turnover of $4.5 billion, Nissui is one of the largest seafood companies in Japan. Nissui have processing units in Europe, US, China and the Middle East in addition to their own production in Tokyo. They currently purchase 20,000 tonnes of Béchamel sauce a year from a third party manufacturer.

Nissui's cooking challenge

Nissui wanted to produce all the white sauce in their Tokyo factory directly, removing reliance on third party producers. The major constraint was the processing capacity of the existing three stage manufacturing process; it took 100 minutes to produce 1000kg’s of sauce. On top of this processing time was a further 20 minutes of downtime per batch because of cleaning to remove burn-on contamination.

Nissui install Steam Infusion cooking

OAL supplied a Steam Infusion Vaction™ system for a 1,200 kg cooking kettle. The solution has achieved in-house production, reducing processing time and costs. The innovative engineering in the Steam Infusion solution means that:
•    Enhanced mixing has removed 20% of the flour from the recipe with no taste effects
•    On current volumes Nissui have saved 300 tonnes of flour and approximately 2.1 million litres of milk per annum
•    Burn-on contamination has been eliminated reducing clean down time to single figure minutes

The Steam Infusion process simplified the entire production to one single stage allowing:
•    Reduction of processing time
•    Elimination of burn-on contamination
•    Reduction in processing stages
•    Simplification of the entire production process
•    Enhanced mixing capability


Jake NormanComment