Larco cut soup production time with Steam Infusion

Based in Holland, Larco Foods specialise in the production of soups and sauces. The company has sales offices in the UK and Germany as well as partners in three other EU countries. The company has approximately 280 employees and an annual turnover of €50 million.

How to reduce costs in a competitive market?

Larco Foods operate in a highly competitive market and wanted to reduce the operational costs and processing time for their soups, sauces and ready meals. Following trials of the Steam Infusion system, Larco chose to incorporate the Vaction™ technology into their new cookhouse supplied by OAL to dramatically reduce the processing time for soups and sauces.

Since purchasing the Steam Infusion system we have reduced the production time of our soups and sauce by more than 50% as well as reducing energy whilst still maintaining our exceptional product quality.

We have also seen an increase in the flavour profile of our product which will lead us to the possibility of reducing ingredients such as salt, spices and flavour enhancers making our product healthier for our customers.
— Jan Kusters, Manufacturing Director