How much water is added during Steam Infusion processing?

During heating and mixing with Steam Infusion, water is added to the final product in the form of steam. Typically, there is a 10% water addition from starting weight during heating from 25°C to 90°C.

A more accurate water addition can be calculated by working out the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of the ingredients from one temperature to another. For this, you'll need to look up the specific heat capacity of the ingredients. An example for heating water from 18 °C  to 85°C  is shown below.

Mass of batch: 500 kg
Starting Temperature: 18 °C        
Final Temperature Set Point: 85 °C                 
VU Operating Mode: Shear            
Specific Heat of Product: 4.185 kJ/kg/K        
Total Heating Time: 5 mins 27.7 seconds
Total Mass of Steam Added: 53.68 kg        
Total Energy Requirement: 40.99 kW
Total Batch Mass: 553.68 kg

In the above example, we're estimating a Vaction™ unit efficiency of 95%. Again this is application dependent and will vary based on the cooking equipment.